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An old-man I knew used to tell me: “Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. It’s perfectly true, when you do what you love to do, you’ll be more productive in your life and in the work. It won’t feel like work. Consequently, you’ll feel good and motivated, and everything will feel easier. In fact, you’ll sleep better, you’ll motivate others, you’ll feel more fulfilled and you’ll succeed.

My choice to do what I love to do, it’s because it’s so important to feel everything I mencionated to be in harmony with yourself first and the others too. Not everytime we know what we want from our lifes, so…

How do I identify what I want?

Spend time alone, stop and ask yourself:

What makes me happy?

What are my needs?

What are my personal values?

What gives me purpose?

Which activities makes me flow?

What would i do if there were no limits?

which job do I choose?

Those are some questions to identify your next step and live happy.

I find happiness when I play sports. I love kiting, skating, cycling, surfing and much more… That’s why the jobs I choose are related to sports.

Specially kitesurfing, changed my life. First I moved to a different place. When I do kite, it’s like my brain turned off; not thoughts, just feelings and freedom. Not only it provides me a good physical condition, It connected me to the nature, helps me to know my limits. This is because sometimes I was afraid by this sport but it helped me to learn a lot about myself and to push my limits. Facing alone difficult moments far from the beach has been a opportunity to grow and find confidence. When I go kiting I feel how focus and in balance. Here and now.

So, It’s a lifestyle. before kiting I didn’t travel a lot, now I’m doing every year, looking for wind and waves, by plane or my camper. driving to the next destination , discovering new places, always at the beach and doing what we want. This connect me to the universe. Now I’ve got a son, who is 18 months and I feel that this lifestyle fits to us perfectly

I encourage you to find what set your heart on fire! Our lifes begin at the end of our comfort zone. So if you haven’t practiced any of these sports yet, What are you waiting for?

Here, in Aria Rentals we offer all the sports that can be done in Tarifa. Everything you need to enjoy this beautifull place.

As you probably know, you can rent kitesurf, wing foil, surf, e-bikes, MTB, skateboard, scooter, e-scooter, cars, climbing, bodyboard and sup.

We’re also a cool pro store where you can buy clothes, accesories and watersports material. We’re North and Mystic official dealer.

We offer as well kitesurf, surf and skate lessons from beginners to advanced.

Book now for your lessons!

Everyone is welcome to visit us here or use Whatsapp number +34 674 136 704

Remember, safety is an illusion, happiness is a choice

Celia Luna

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