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Surfing is one of the oldest sports on Earth. ¨Just take your time – wave comes. Let the other guys go, catch another one¨. Duke kahanamoku, the father of modern surfing, wrote this quote. I think that life should be like Duke used to talk about the surfing. “The Big Kahuna” received this nickname, an Hawaiian word that is used to define someone who is an expert in some subject. He won multiple Olympic medals and spread the Aloha Spirit throughout the world. Duke Kahanamokuwas born on August 24, 1890.

How tricky is to surf?

Surfing requires patience and perseverance, since it´s demanding effort and very variable, since each wave is different and there are factors that can determine activity such as wind, tides or swell or deep sea.

Although everything depends on the sea conditions, in a surfing session the experience with the sea is relaxing and beneficial. Also, you will feel a hard connexion with nature and yourself. It’s a very good body and mind training.

In Aria Rentals we offer you surf lessons. Our instructor will teach you how to surf.

Normal lessons procedure will be:

First of all, warming up. It’s so important before surfing to prevent injuries. Stretching the muscles prepares the body for physical activity. Also, warming up helps us to concentrate. Besides, is interesting learn how to prepare our respiratory system for moments of oxygen lack, so common in certain falls.

Second, still in the sand, surf technique. We will teach you how to paddle with the surfboard and how to do correctly the take off (how to stand on the board). We give you big boards, soft foam ones, so that learning is easy.

Throughout the beach, the waves are different so we have to choose the perfect point for us. When you will be independent you will looking for the wave peak. But, at the beginning we surf in the wave foam. There you can practice the lesson learned.

The time you will need to learn it will depends from your skills and the frequency you go to the water.

Finally, we will stretch our muscles. We finish the lesson with a feedback to know how you felt.

Everything we do it´s safe and we try to respect your times. This lessons are for all levels, from beginners to surfers who want to improve. You can hire private or group lessons.

Tarifa surf spots:

    • Balneario

( Balneario ) It’s the most typical spot in Tarifa. It’s located 5 minutes from the center. There we go with beginners. But, sometimes the wave comes big and only can surf it surfers with more experience.

    • Arte Vida

( Arte Vida )  It is a very simple spot for surfing and is usually better covered by the wind than the other spots. It works well for beginners, but you have to be careful at the top since there´re rocks at the bottom.
The type of wave is usually right-wing and depends a lot on the tides. You have bars in front of the spot and parking areas.

    • Hurricane

( Hurricane ) It’s a good spot for surfing. In the parking you have to take care with the car in the down because the ground it’s a bit broken. Here there’re rocks.

    • Valdevaqueros

( Valdevaqueros ) It doesn’t usually enter waves here but when they comes they’re long and open very well. It works best at high tides and you have to be careful since the bottom is made of stones. There’s parking nearby but you’re going to have to walk for a while!

Surf modalities:

    • Classic surfing

The one of a lifetime. When we think about surfing modalities, this one, also known as Surf Base it’s the one that everybody knows. A person lying on a board who starts paddling  and then getting up and trying to stay while doing some tricks. Sounds familiar to you, doesn’t it?

But did you know that there are several different categories within this? It all depends on the board and what we want to achieve with it. We’ll explain it to you!

    • Shortboard

It has a length of between 1.5 and 2.1 meters. They are the most common, since they allows you a great control of the waves and to move with greater amplitude.

However, to get on this type of board it´s necessary to have some experience, since they´re so technical and being smaller they´ve greater difficulty floating.

    • Funboard

They are the boards with an intermediate size, between 210 and 275 centimeters. They combine the features of the former with the longboards. They are ideal for beginners.

    • Longboard

These boards offer great stability. This modality is generally a slower and more relaxed surfing style. Instead of dynamic turns and fast speed, longboard surfing involves crossings (walking on the board) and reaching the tip. A full-boardwith a length of more than 2.5 meters.

Benefits of surfing:

    • Surfing will strengthen your muscles, ligaments and joints.
    • It will improve your mobility and coordination.
    • Surfing will increase your aerobic endurance.
    • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular injuries.
    • It regulates blood pressure.
    • Practice surfing to lose weight.
    • Will connect with yourself and nature.
    • It will improve your breathing.
    • It will improve your concentration.
    • Make you secrete hormones such as adrenaline, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin ( the happiness hormone )

Surfing produces a unique disconnection, without forgetting the pleasant benefits that physical activity produces. Dr. Barucq is one of the doctors in Biarritz who prescribes surfing in his consultations, because “in a prescription you can write other things that are not medicines,” as he pointed out for a report in El Mundo.

A swim in the sea takes away many more things than you can appreciate and the satisfaction of sliding down a wave is indescribable. This alternative model is on its way to becoming a benchmark, something that does not take by surprise the surfers of the world, who have accepted the medicines that nature gives us for centuries.

A surfing session instantly changes your mood. There are factors that mix with me when I step on the shore, such as water, the sun, and air. These, together with your table, coordination, determination and waves, make you secrete hormones such as adrenaline, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin (the ‘happiness hormone’).

To reserve a lesson send a whatsap or call to this number: +34 674 136 704


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