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Hola everyone! Do you want to know where is the closest point to Africa? Its in Europe! Welcome to Tarifa, the wind capital, located between Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Even thought you heard that Tarifa is a paradise for kitesurfing, and wind sports, it´s not only wind and Watersports, it’s much more … The municipality is part of four protected natural areas. So, if you love to be in nature, here´s where you´ll find it!!

That´s why we have a lot of toys for big boys and girls!! This time we´re talking about bikes. In Aria Rentals Tarifa we have electric and non-electric bikes to rent. 

First of all, I would like to mention the model e-canondale link (e-bike), (25km-h) with 50-120 km range; we have sizes S, M and L. With this e-bikes you can go places that with a normal bike would be difficult to reach. For example a place like la Peña, a great beautiful mountain with techniqual ups and downs!! Here you will find free animals, beautiful views, and if you go really up you will find a small magical waterfall and more places like Light Virgin route. We also have Valdevaqueros route and at the other side, you have the Mediterranean Sea where you have great views and routes going next to the sea … and much more … With electric bikes you can go further and discover unexpected landscapes of the Tarifa countryside. Archaeological remainings, bunkers and encounters with the purest nature. This is an activity full of emotion!! If you have a baby and you want to take it on bike, we offer you a special seat. So you can go with all your family and friends. We have 5 e-bikes so, it is a good way to have good moments in group. As well it’s a nice gift.

We also have five bike-non-electric for the people who wants to go full power!! You will choose the distances and difficult of the trail. We supply you with helmets, gloves, locks, and phone holder if necessary. we will help choose the correct size and make adjustments to personalise the bike to you. Besides, we offer a routes guide to show you the best places! 

Below we explain some bikes routes examples. Also here is the link to the mountain bike circuit near our store, next to the skatepark and the beach.

Tarifa – Carrizales – Castle trail

Distance: 47´4km

Technic difficult: medium

Maximum altitud: 369m

The route starts in Aria Rentals with direction to Facinas, in this point we turn left and few km later, we go out to a truck in the left to start Carrizales. Halfway you find a river. Carrizales ends in N-340 where we turn right and go down few km to turn again to left. On the road we have to be careful with the traffic. We have to cross to the other side and continue on the road until you reach an intersection about 6 ways. And is here where you can enjoy an up and down trail really funny. We continue riding and return finally to Tarifa, Aria.

Guadalmesí tower and the Palancar

Distance: 40km

Time: 3h

Difficult: Medium

This is one of the most beautiful routes around Tarifa. We go next to coast and after 6km, we reach to the Guadalmesí tower and start the ascent on a good track. We have to cross the road and still the ascent to Palancar houses. Between alcornocales. After Palancar, go down to the end of Carrizales and again to the road and Tarifa. We go through the Alcornocales Natural Park and Strait Natural Park. Amazing views. It’s no recommended do this route with levante wind because it comes to your front.

Tarifa-Las Caheruelas- Antenas-Tarifa

A round route that begins in Tarifa towards the Sanctuary of Ntra. Sra. de la Luz by road to warm up, until reaching the track of Las Caheruelas in the Cañada de la Jara. Once we access the track, we begin a long climb stretched to the detour of Las Casas del Tío Noya from where the ascent becomes increasingly difficult, especially once we reach a pine forest near the antennas to which we are heading. The magnificent views of the Atlas and the Bay of Algeciras and the Rock of Gibraltar will reward our effort. On the descent, we deviate to pass through a fairy forest path and after returning to the main ascent track we can only descend to Tarifa.

Tarifa- El Rancho – Molinos- Viaducto- Cascabel – Tarifa

We leave Tarifa by the lane that starts from the polygon and passes behind the Ranch, we go up the track that leads to the mills, along one lane we go out to the roadway and go up to Km 90, from where we go to Tarifa by the Cascabel battery and traffic rate. 

So, if you want to have a good time with friends, family or partner, book your bicycles here, call us or use whatsapp at +34 674 136 704 . 

Hope you like this blog! See you soon!

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