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Hola everyone! Jumps are on fire! We present our biggest news. The competition about our Big Air challenge is full power! You have the chance to win the new North Atmos hybrid 2023! To participate you have to reserve the board for your free session, here in Aria Rentals Tarifa. Doens’t matter your level to participate, everyone is welcome!

You have to go and kite, try to jump high! Highest jump will be the winner!!!



      • Share a picture on instagram with the board

The competition finish on 28th of February . First days of March we will announce the winner.

What makes this competition special?

Emotions. The winner will win real and satisfactory reward. Immediately we can see how in the competitors appear motivation and they want to improve themselves and the others. Every time the board return from each session, we make new connexions and feelings with all of you. We are meeting so many really good kitesurfers. This challenge It’s a way for “normal” kiters to compete as the pro does, in a real challenge with a real feeling of competition. Competitors feels the adrenaline and they want to give all they have to win this challenge; so it’s sure improvement. Those moments makes us feeling alive. This creates good vibes and good energy that you will feel attracted.

So, we don’t give away only a board we give away happiness, great moments and memories.




      • Hybrid carbon construction
      • Director of board design and engineering , Hugh Pinfold

      • Precise edge control

      • Freeride board

      • Medium’high outline curve

      • Balance rocker outline and flex

      • New centreline strap inserts extend rail longevity

      • Lightweight impact resistant eco core

      • Stainless M6 standardised hardware

      • Ergonomic handle

      • 40mm fins included

      • Compatible with fix boots or flex bindings
      • This board comes in 136 to 144


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