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Hola everyone! We’re Aria Team, sports and nature lovers! We were always thinking: how we can stay in the nature doing sports everyday in every condition? So we opened a rentals shop full of toys for big boys and girls, so we are able to offer you (and ourselfs) a lot of variety about it. Tarifa it’s the place where dreams become reality, a paradise surrounded by all the sports spots you can immagine. Thanks to our staff you will find precious panoramic views or adrenalinik experiences. We rent you kitesurf gear, surf, sup, bodyboard, wing, climbing gear, e-bikes, mountain bike, skateboard, electric scooter, motos and cars. If you come to our store, get ready to have a good time. We are the only ones able to offer you multisports adventure. So you are welcome everyday, no matters the conditions. You can try new sports or your comfortable ones. If you are the person who loves adrenaline and wants to train everyday, we are your perfect team for your happiness. See you soon!

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