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Surfing may have originated in Hawaii, but nowadays it has spread all across the world wherever
there’s a wave. Countries even have several thousand kilometers of coastline with many surf
beaches. These are heavens for surfers who can get into activities and enjoy physical benefits of
surfing and paddling. Of course, being in the fresh air to surf itself brings several health benefits.
Surfing offers many health benefits:
– Back and shoulder strength ensured by paddling
– Cardiovascular health, also ensured by paddling
– Leg and core strength, which is essential for standing up on the board
If you like to surf, you can have a range of other benefits too:
– A wonderful way to release stress and tension
– An exciting way to spend time outdoors and stay in the natural environment
Surfing: is it that easy?
On an honest note, surfing isn’t as easy as you think. It is essential to take some lessons to learn the
fundamentals and get up on your feet to enjoy the sport.
When you think of surf, you imagine the ocean. To surf well, you should be an excellent swimmer
and must understand the safety aspects of being in the surf. If you are traveling to an international
destination, it is better to find a suitable surfing spot. Get in touch with a local lifesaver for complete
You can find many surfshops offering lessons and surfing equipment rentals. Not just the right
surfing spot, but the right equipment is also essential for the best surfing experience. The board you
choose should complement your body and ability. Use the right board and wear a wetsuit to stay in
water for longer to learn the skills.
As you surf, you learn several skills.
Paddling your board in the water is thrilling. You can do it in three ways. Arm paddling – that
involves your arms; kick paddling – it involves your legs; and combination arm and kick paddling –
involves using both methods.
Stand up paddling
It combines the skills of both long boarding and paddling. Surfers stand on a board and use a long
paddle to move through the water.

Of course, in the process you also learn the right surfing etiquettes, which brings you closer to the
community of surfers. All these activities are great stress busters and help you release tension.
As you surf, you reward yourself with an experience that will last lifetime and offer great health
benefits too.

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